(adjective) used to describe a situation that nothing can be done about =Might be a more commonly used terminology in the African American community in the New Orleans area. Typically used More…


To use an oven to reheat food. =I bring home half of it and oven it later. =Conversation with friend


(analogy) to put extra be on investments, to invest with more than the capital and cash that one may have =This term was used by many news organizations and talk shows to describe how More…


to excessively use commas There seem to be two novel aspects of this word formation: adding over- and adding –ize to a common noun. First, many compounds are formed with the prefix More…


Overused, corny, cliché =At times, in fact, you feel like you're watching cookie-cutter action sequences with overcooked buddy-movie dialogue.


To constantly hang around the overshield in Halo 2 and attempt to get it no matter what other objectives exist in the game. another Halo 2 created word based around a strategy that some More…


a more extreme state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances This word is formed by the common process as using over as a prefix More…

Overworking class

A segment of society in which the chief characteristic is the desire or need to work long hours Overworking class is a descriptive term for a combination of the working class and for More…



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