Confusion or chaos Katakata is derived from the word “scatter” in the English language and it maintains a similar connotation. It doesn’t exactly mean to scatter, but More…


Very adorable and cute. "Kawaii" tends to be used for exceedingly cute things like puppies or adorable animated characters. The writer sought to incorporate a part of Japanese culture and More…


to describe cute,lovely, usually small things =kawaii! this kitten is sooooo adorable Etymology : Japanese =a Chinese friend


(loanword) A term used by anime fans to describe cute things, usually young animals. =“Ahh, your dog is so kawaii!” Etymology : Japanese loanword meaning cute =facebook comment, 2013


(Noun) Sports highlights featuring San Antonio Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard =Because Kawhi Leonard is the Spurs’ star player, he gets a particularly high amount of screen time. Thus, much of the More…


A particularly emphatic informal dismissal/farewell. =It is based in its composition on the word “goodbye” but is intended to be harsh or dismissive, rather than pleasant. (Often More…


derived from the scorer’s abbreviation ‘K’ meaning strikeout. Means to strike out in the game of baseball. Also spelled as K’s. In baseball the letter More…


Someone who puts an end to all happiness The abbreviation of kill-joy to kayjay might have been made in order to keep the meaning more obscure to other listeners of the conversation. This More…


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