(verb) Verb form of turtle. To exhibit the qualities of a turtle in a game or fight. To retreat and focus on defense rather than attacking, hopefully outlasting the opponent in a war of More…


(Word formation type: Suffixation) Refers to the action of turning a person's backpack completely inside out. =This action is done usually as a prank or a joke on another unknowingly. More…


extremely slow =I’m so turtly when it comes to converting to these units


A Thanksgiving dish of a turkey stuffed inside of another turkey. =This is actually a fictional dish from the show, How I Met Your Mother. In one of the episode, the main character, Ted, More…


(Affixation) A style of street dance typically involving making right angles using only your body. The term is most likely a reference to Egyptian art, which stereotypically has people with More…


to be irrevocably doused with coolness. As I attempted to explain to a friend what a neologism was, he tried to demonstrate his understanding of the concept by coining a new word himself. More…


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