An instrument which gives a measure of an object’s bizarreness Mr. Watterson wanted the word to sound alien as well as childish. Children hear many words ending in More…


A person in a social and political position of power and confident of himself. Interpretation of intended meaning: One who is in a position of power both politically and socially and is More…


means personal information or things on an person’s agenda Apparent Meaning: hip hop phrase used by referring to the word business =I have to take care of my biznaz. =Roommate


Bitch. It was used as an alternative term for bitch. =A friend of mine has the incredibly irritating tendency to use the term bizotch in place of the word bitch. =A friend.


A box, specifically a jukebox Reason used: This urbanizes the word ‘jukebox’. The radio station 97.9 is an R&B and rap station and wanted to make their catch phrase More…


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