(Noun) Someone, typically a college student, who is well-known and influential in their community =‘BNOC’ (pronounced /binɑk/) stands for Big Name On Campus. It is a label of status, because More…

BNOC (3)

Big name on campus: A person who is popular on a college campus, or whose name is recognized by a large number of people on campus. =This word makes heavy use of metaphor and metonymy. More…

BNOC (4)

Acronym of “big name on campus,” pronounced bee-knock. The “big name” referred to is a person, while “campus” designates a university or college campus in the context of person saying it. More…


(Noun) Big Name on Campus. Being well known on a school campus =“Hey Carter congratulations on becoming a BNOC” Etymology : Acronym for “Big Name on Campus” =Conversation



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