In calculus, to transform a matrix into its Echelon form. =This term has often been used by students for the tedious process of reducing a matrix to its Echelon form. It is most likely an More…


Hysterical laugh A very strange, yet also common, word. When the emoticon XD was became extremely popular (probably back in 2004), people on the internet started using ECKS DEE! instead More…


('Eco'+'hungry') The state of being hungry for healthy organic foods.


Deliberate destruction of the natural environment. =Ecocide is caused by acts of war and by pollutants and can change the earth’s landscape permanently. Etymology : More…


This is a term coined by General Electric to describe ideas exemplifying their dedication to find creative ways to confront today’s environmental issues =“Your photo will trigger our More…


a commercial with an environmental message =Ecomercial is a blending of “eco”, meaning pertaining to the environment, and “commercial”. Typically, the term refers to a television More…



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