Public display of affection. Acronyms come in handy when the expression is just too long to be repeated over and over again. That’s especially true in speech but also in writing. PDA More…


a large amount of public display of affection The term PDA-athon was coined to describe a couple that engages in a large amount of public display of affection. It was formed as an analogy More…


Short for a "Partial Differential Equation", an equation involving partial derivatives of an unknown function. ="Ick, that's a non-linear PDE." Etymology : More…


to convert a file to pdf form. =Used when discussing digital files. Etymology : PDF is an acronym for Portable Document File. It was first used to describe a document in this form and More…


Short for "Partial Differential Equations", a course at Rice, usually taken by Physics majors ="I'm off to PDiffE." Etymology : The word is modeled after More…


Internet shorthand for "psychiatrist" ="I am going to see pdoc next Tuesday." Etymology : Psychiatrist + Doctor =Facebook post of my friend( Nov 7 2011)



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