Exceedingly ugly This is merely a clipped word. The original reasoning behind its formation probably had something to do with exaggerating a point, and if you create a word on the spot More…


Ugly, unattractive. It was used as an unusual alternative to the standard word “ugly.” =A friend.


It’s someone who isn’t very attractive; ugly. Uggo is a partial clipping of the word ug(ly) + the (g) filler + the (o) which can be used as an adjective ending. It seems like More…


(Perhaps folk etymology/clipping?) Ugly, especially when used in conversations involving fashion. ="Look at those boots; they're so uggo!" Etymology : Clipping and adding More…


Ugly ='He was just plain uggs' Etymology : From Old Norse 'uggligir' meaning dreadful, fearful =Friend 12/08


(creative respelling) used to describe something that is unpleasant looking; ugly. =Seems to be part of a trend of words that are modified to end in –é to make them seem French. The French More…



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