Exceedingly ugly This is merely a clipped word. The original reasoning behind its formation probably had something to do with exaggerating a point, and if you create a word on the spot More…


Ugly, unattractive. It was used as an unusual alternative to the standard word “ugly.” =A friend.


It’s someone who isn’t very attractive; ugly. Uggo is a partial clipping of the word ug(ly) + the (g) filler + the (o) which can be used as an adjective ending. It seems like More…


(Perhaps folk etymology/clipping?) Ugly, especially when used in conversations involving fashion. ="Look at those boots; they're so uggo!" Etymology : Clipping and adding More…


Ugly ='He was just plain uggs' Etymology : From Old Norse 'uggligir' meaning dreadful, fearful =Friend 12/08

Ugly /ˈʌɡli/

(No specific type of word-formation) Someone is ugly when they do something fake towards you. It is also used to describe someone when they do something that is lame, stupid or unoriginal. More…


(creative respelling) used to describe something that is unpleasant looking; ugly. =Seems to be part of a trend of words that are modified to end in –é to make them seem French. The French More…



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