Assclown (1)

noun; compounding
Someone that is found by the speaker to be such a joker to a point of annoyance or someone that cannot be taken seriously to the point that the speaker is angry or annoyed.
Used as an insult that is not as serious as some profanity but it does seem to amplify the insult that would be there if it were just “ass” alone. By adding “clown” to “ass” it makes the insult more painful than if it were just “ass.” Here we see that profanity when some innocuous word is added to it not only adds meaning to the type of “ass” but also magnifies the severity of the insult. "assclown" is much worse than "clown" or "ass" by themselves
Etymology : Compound from “ass” and “clown” to “assclown.”
Source : “That guys such an assclown.” – College student at Rice. Sept 2010.
Last modified: 9 December 2010