alkie (1)

noun clipping
A dimunitve form of alcoholic. Someone who occasionally overindulges in drinking alcohol, but does not have a chronic problem. It is used in an informal context, largely among college students, and lacks the negative connotation that alcoholic has. The –ie ending, a common nickname ending, makes it sound similar to an endearment. It is never said with any reference that the person in question needs to cut back or stop drinking. Instead it is used after hearing a story involving alcohol consumption, and the actor in the story who was drinking is then called an alkie by their peers.
"You're such a little alkie."
Etymology : The root alcoholic (from Arabic al-kuhul) is clipped to alk with a spelling change, and the –ie ending is attached.
Source : Conversation with friend 9-10-10
Last modified: 9 December 2010