noun; other word formation type Narrowing
A person who shortens or abridges an animated television series, generally of the genre called “anime” (meaning an animated series that is Japanese in origin), in order to make it a parody of the original work.
Recently, a new genre of work was created online in which animated series are shortened with new, humorous content where the video of a series will be condensed, edited, and given a new script and voice actor to create a parody of the source material. A series like this is called “an abridged series,” and someone who creates such a series is an abridger.
Etymology : A shift in meaning of the term, which is derived from the verb “abridge.” It has narrowed to a more specialized meaning—it originally meant someone who shortens or abridges or condenses a written work, or any work at all.
Source : Youtube comments on the first episode of one such series. "Episode 1 - Pilot - YouTube." Web. 04 October 2011. . “LittleKuriboh was the first abridger.”
Last modified: 5 December 2011