blending and clipping Noun
An acronym that many people either do not know that it's an acronym or do not know what it stands for. It is a portmanteau of anachronism and acronym. Examples include URL (uniform resource locator) or DVD (digital versatile disc).
"Although we've had the internet for only twenty years, already many online terms are so commonplace in our minds they've become anacronyms."
Etymology : Anachronism, describing something from the wrong time period, from Ancient Greek "ana" (up against) and "kronos" (time). Acronym, from Ancient Greek "akros" (highest, extreme), and the English suffix "-onym", meaning word or name, from the Ancient Greek "onuma" (name).
Source : My HUMA 102 professor said it once.,,sid9_gci211560,00.html
Last modified: 5 December 2011