verb; derivation
In Chemistry, the action of attaching an electron to an atom that requires a certain amount of energy called the electron affinity. The student used this word in trying to understand the concept involved. There is no established verb to describe this process. The student added the derivational ending ‘–ing’ to the known term, affinity, trying to describe the process of adding an electron to an atom. This word is synonymous with affinitize, another neologism formed for the same purpose. The only difference is in the choice of derivational ending.
Is that the step where you are electron affinitying the chlorine?
Etymology : Derivation of affinity, from Fr. affinite, from L affinitatem, 'related or a relation by marraige', L ad + fin, + -ing 'the process of'
Source : Chemistry student
Last modified: 10 June 2008