Peep-toed shoes - shoes with a hole at the tip that shows a small part of a person’s toes to show
The term peep-toes uses metonymy by referring to the peep-toed shoes as the characteristic that defines them. Although “peep-toes” have plenty of other qualities that are associated with shoes, only one sets them apart. Using this characteristic to define them makes sense because it is what first comes to mind when people think about this kind of shoe. Also, shorting this word asserts that the speaker is particularly familiar with this type of shoes. People who use this term are likely going to be those invested in fashion.
Etymology : Derivation from the adjective peep-toed. The adjective marking “d” is dropped and the plural marking “s” is added (refers to pair)

Source : “Pro tennis player Serena Williams also rocked red — and her fab figure — at the same event, donning a figure-hugging frock and gold peep-toes.” 11/29/2011
Last modified: 5 December 2011


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