noun; blending and clipping
One who practices analysis and therapy. Attempting to parse this word into its component morphemes gives no help in deciphering the word’s meaning. The ana in analyst means "back," and my dictionary gives the origin of therapist as a Greek word meaning "attendant." Therefore the parsing of analrapist would be ana-l-rap-ist, where ana means back, ist meaning one who does, and l and rap are nonsense fillers taken from the words analyst and therapist, left over from clipping. This word is a case of intentional homonymy. Arrested Development’s writers wanted to play on the seemingly accidental similarity between analrapist and anal rapist. Reason used: Clearly for humorous effect caused by the near homonymy between analrapist and anal rapist.
I was an analyst and a therapist, the world’s first analrapist.
Etymology : Blend formed from anal(yst) and (the)rapist
Source : The sitcom Arrested Development
Last modified: 10 June 2008