compounding Compound of Ass and Loads.; noun
A lot of something
Another adjective. Perhaps the author was trying to be colorful with words. She used a metaphor the relates ass to assloads. This was used for very informal blog-style writing.
Etymology : Ass: "From arse. First use in English from 1000 CE." (OED) "Cognate with Greek ὄρρος, *ὄρσος" (OED) Load: "1384-5 CE as unit of measure. From OE lád (feminine) meaning way, course, journey, conveyance" (OED).
Source : "So, when someone, anyone, refers to my writing, which I’ve put assloads of effort and time into as 'cute', I tend to get a little pissy."…is-patronizing/ (Mae, author) February 15, 2012
Last modified: 25 November 2013