verb; blending
"I beg" or please “Abeg” can be classified under the word formation type blending because two words in Standard English, “I” and “beg”, are blended to form one word “abeg”. The “I” is replaced with an “a” but it still maintains the same meaning. The “a” sound in place of "I" is a result of dialect and accent. Numerous words in Nigerian Pidgin English undergo similar changes in pronunciation, some words more than others, to the point that they are unrecognizable. Though it can still be translated as “I beg” it is not used exactly the same way that “I beg” is used in Standard English. It is used more like “please” as “I beg” in Standard English indicates more urgency in the situation, almost like pleading for something.
Abeg commot the book for there!
Etymology : Blending of "I" and "beg" in standard English. It becomes "abeg"
Source : My father
Last modified: 10 June 2008