adjective; blending
A blend of positively and absolutely that intensifies the meanings of both; certainly, completely, decidedly
"No. Absatively out of the question."
Etymology : Blend of absolutely and positively. Absolutely ‘unconditionally, completely’, from absolute (adj.) ‘unrestricted, complete, perfect’ + -ly (adverbial suffix); absolute is from Middle French absolut, from Latin absolutus, past participle of absolvere ‘to set free, make separate’; -ly is found in Middle English, from Old English –lice, from Proto-Germanic *-liko-. Positively ‘in a definite way’, from positive (adj.) + -ly (adverbial suffix- see above description); positive was originally a legal term meaning ‘formally layed down’ from Old French positif, from Latin positivus ‘settled by agreement, positive’, from positus, past participle of ponere ‘to put, place’.
Source : from Neil Gaiman's book, "Anansi Boys", published September 20th, 2005; read September 2013
Last modified: 25 November 2013