Autocorrect fail

compounding; noun
When you attempt to type a word on your cell phone and it 'Autocorrects' to a different word. Often happens when trying to text an inappropriate or explicit word. Common on Apple iPhones, this trend has been noted on the Interwebs, through websites such as
"Damn, just totally had an autocorrect fail. I was texting this dude I hate, and instead of cussing him out, I said 'go DUCK yourself'. You know what I meant."
Etymology : Comes from the compounding of the words "Autocorrect" and "fail". The word autocorrect was introduced in the 2000's as the advent of text messaging was taking off. To "autocorrect" is to replace a word with what the AI in the cell phone thought you meant to say. Sometimes a useful tool, sometimes not. The word "fail" comes from Old French faile "deficiency." Over time, these two words were compounded together and used to refer to when the Autocorrect feature on a smart phone goes awry.
Source : The Internet,, discovered August 2013.
Last modified: 25 November 2013