verb; blending of sex (n.) and exile (v.)
to deny one entry into a room because the subject requires it for sexual purposes. Usually used in college dorm rooms, when one roommate takes over the room, and the other roommate is left without a place to go. One roommate exiles or banishes the other from the room.
“My girlfriend and I will need the room tonight, so we are going to sexile you.”
Etymology : sexile is a blend of sex (n.) + exile (v.). Sex (n.) is a clipping of sexual intercourse. Sexual (adj.) "of or pertaining to the fact of being male or female," from Late Latin sexualis "relating to sex," from Latin sexus. Intercourse (n.) mid-15c., "communication to and fro," from Old French entrecours "exchange, commerce," from Late Latin intercursus "a running between, intervention," from intercursus, past participle of intercurrere "to run between," from Latin inter- "between". It first had a sexual connotation in 1798. Exile (v.) from Old French essillier "exile, banish, expel, drive off," from Late Latin exilare/exsilare, from Latin exilium/exsilium "banishment, exile," from exul "banished person," from ex- "away" + PIE root *al- "to wander" [etymonline]
Source : Rice University in September 2012
Last modified: 25 November 2013