adjective; blending
having an appearance at the American Music Awards that evokes awe and wonder.
"The AMA's" is a commonly used initialism for the American Music Awards, in this case the initialism was combined with the adjective "amazing" to describe someone's appearance specifically at the event. The blending of words and acronyms or initialisms is uncommon, but was used in this case to reflect the glamour of the whole event.
Etymology : From "amazing", adjective for of the verb "amaze", meaning stupefy or make crazy, from "a-" and "masian", from Old English "maes" meaning "to confound or confuse".
Source : "Christina Aguilara's AMA-zing transformation". Headline of an article about Christina Aguilara's appearance at the American Music Awards, November 2013. Etymology from Etymonline.
Last modified: 26 November 2013