adjective; sound symbolism
amazing Afrin provides instant relief for nasal congestion. In one of it recent commercials, the person used the pump mist, and instantly he was able to breathe through his nose again. He described it as “Ahhh-mazing.” He could have said ‘amazing,’ but ‘ahhh’ described his ability to breathe again. By blending ‘ahhh’ with amazing, you get the result of Afrin. The ‘ahhh’ can be thought of as sound symbolism; it is the sound that the person makes when being able to breathe after being congested for a long period of time. This can be described as advertising techniques. These are ways to catch the viewer’s attention and pique their interest. The blend was not very difficult. The overall change is the pronunciation of the ‘a’ in the amazing. It is held longer to emphasize the result of the nasal decongestant. These techniques are simple, but that is all you need to attract the viewer.
Etymology : sound symbolism & blending Ahhh + (a)mazing
Source : Afrin commercial
Last modified: 10 June 2008