adjective; compounding compounding and clipping
expressing excellence; the best
This term originated from the word "A-1" used in 1834 by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping to designate ships in high quality, first-class condition. Lloyd of London most likely created the term A-1 by compounding “A,” the first letter of the alphabet, and the number “1,” which can be used to signify something that is “preceding all others in status, rank, importance or excellence.” By compounding two word parts that signify being first, it forms a word that gains meaning as something that is the best by preceding all others in excellence. The hyphen in the term has been clipped during its resurgence into speech, and A1 is modernly used on social media by adolescents and young adults.
Etymology : This term is a compound of the letter A + the number 1 connected by a hyphen (A-1). In recent years, the hyphen has been clipped and removed.
Source : “My commentating is A1” – a friend’s tweet on Twitter (Nov 29, 2015)
Last modified: 13 December 2015