other word formation type Affixation
A feeling of being angry or anxious, usually used to describe teenagers who feel they are not understood by the world and thus blames everything around them except themselves.
This word stems from the word ‘angst’, which according to etymonline is a German word introduced in 1944 to mean ‘neurotic fear, anxiety, guilt, remorse’ in a psychological context. The suffix –y was put behind it so that the word form was changed into an adjective, and it seems like this transition, possibly made on the internet, also brought about a slight change in definition. When looking at online community sources such as reddit, this word seems to be used specifically to describe teenagers who whine about how they are special and the world does not understand their problems(similar to the emo phase).
Etymology : Affixation by adding suffix ‘–y’ to the German root ‘angst’
Source : Classmate
Last modified: 14 December 2017