Air Conditioner

noun; other word formation type
A person that extremely likes and/or supports an object or action
In usage, air conditioner took the intensified meaning of the word fan. Therefore, in many situations it can be used in the exact same way as this meaning of fan. For example, you can be both “a fan of apples” and “an air conditioner of apple” Yet, you can not use air conditioner directly after a noun like you can with fan. For example, “I am a sports fan” sounds fine, but “I am a sports air conditioner” does not. Also, when used in reference to weather, air conditioner has a special connection to its antonym, heater (see the neologism “heater”). Again, the meaning relies on the metaphoric sense of an air conditioner being cold and that of a heater being hot. Therefore, based on the type of weather, whether you support it or not depends on whether the metaphoric sense matches the type of weather. If the metaphoric sense and the type of weather are in agreement (cold weather and using “air conditioner”), you are in support of that type of weather. For example, to say “I like this cold weather,” you would say “I am an air conditioner of this (implied cold from real-world context) weather.” The reverse relationship applies to the contrary. To say “I dislike this cold weather,” you would say “I am a heater of this (implied cold from real-world context) weather.”
Source : “Also yah I still am an air conditioner of the bike plan” - text conversation with a friend 11/02/19 5:25 pm
Last modified: 6 December 2019