blending; adjective
(of clothing) Characterized by being designed either to be worn during both mild athletic activities or for comfort during leisure activities.
Athleisure is a word coined to describe the growing intersection between comfort wear and clothing suitable for physical activity. It seems to be jargon from the realm of fashion.
Etymology : Athleisure is a blend of the words athletic and leisure. Athletic is from the latin word ‘athleticus’ which is in turn from the Greek word ‘athletikos’. ‘Athletikos’ is from ‘athletes’ meaning ‘contestant in the games’. Leisure is descended from the old English word ‘leisir’ meaning ‘free time, time at one’s disposal’, which is from the Old french word ‘leisir’ which is a variant of ‘loisir’. ‘Loisir’ is from the latin word ‘licere’ meaning ‘to be allowed’. Reference: “athletic (adj.).” Online Etymology Dictionary,…monline_v_26672. Accessed 4 Dec. 2019. “leisure (n.).” Online Etymology Dictionary,…monline_v_51871. Accessed 4 Dec. 2019.
Source : “Isn’t she a model for an athleisure line now?” (Rice student in the Hanszen commons 10/27/19)
Last modified: 10 December 2019