noun blending, initialism
someone who produces videos intended to stimulate the autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) as a part of a Youtube fad.
ASMRtist was a term coined in response to the growing fad of ASMR videos on Youtube. ASMR videos are intended to stimulate the autonomous sensory meridian response, which causes the viewer to feel a tingling sensation and mild euphoria. People often view them in order to relax or fall asleep. ASMR videos can feature a variety of sounds, some common ones being tapping, whispering, crinkling, and even eating. Others have visual aspects, such as mixing paint, testing out colors of makeup such as eyeshadow, or cutting up bars of soap. In order to effectively trigger the response, the videos must be well-calibrated, or else the sounds and visuals can be dissatisfying. The term ASMRtist metaphorically associates the producers of ASMR videos to artists in the traditional sense because of the exacting nature of their trade, similar to the use of artist to denote producers of music.
Etymology : : from a blend of ASMR & artist. ASMR from an initialism of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Artist from French artiste, from Latin ars meaning skill + -ist noun suffix meaning one who does.
Source : “I might just listen to my two go-to ASMRtists tonight.” (friend at Jones College, 11/24/19)
Last modified: 11 December 2019