to indicate that one wishes another to agree; to agree The term ahmean was coined to stress the importance of whatever idea is being discussed or represented. Emphasis is placed on the ah clipping of the word, denoting the English word I, to indicate one’s self. The word became increasingly popular as people ceased pausing between the I and the mean, while stressing the I. The term denotes one’s wish to be agreed with and the pronunciation of ahmean signifies this. This assumumption is also supported by the spelling of ah, an English interjection, used to express various emotions such as sadness, excitement, stress, or sensitivity.
Do you understand what I am saying, ahmean...
Etymology : Special circumstance where sound and compounding interact. Ah (sound symbolism for the word I) + mean (English word meaning to convey or denote). The word mean is derived from Middle English, maenan, meaning to tell of. Is derived from the Old English term, ic)
Source : Kourtney R.
Last modified: 10 June 2008