adjective; other word formation type creative respelling
Being angry but at a very small degree, or a cute thing being angry.
If somebody has a small mishap occur, they can say they are “angery” to show that they are angry but not to a very serious degree. A cute thing, such as a chihuahua, can be deemed “angery” as it is truly angry, but it still appears cute in its anger.
Etymology : This word is a respelled form from the word “angry,” meaning a strong feeling of displeasure with something. The respelling places an “e” between the g and r, similarly to how a toddler may say it due to the difficulty of pronouncing the “r” sound. This likely came from association with toddler forms of pronunciation and the cuteness of toddlers.
Source : “I dropped my ice cream and now I’m angery!”- M.O.B. member in group chat, 10/2/19
Last modified: 11 December 2019