Ace (2)

clipping; adjective
A sexual orientation in which the person does not feel the desire for physical relations. An asexual person maybe romantic or aromantic. Asexuality is a spectrum; for example, some members are grey asexual, meaning they only experience the desire rarely.
Used most commonly by members in the GSRM community. Used in colloquial, informal settings. Was created as a shorthand for asexual, limiting the time requisite for typing it out. Orally, “ace” shortens “asexual” to one succinct syllable.
Etymology : “Ace” is a clipping of “asexual”. The spelling likely changed due to there being a pre-existing homophone “ace”, referring to a type of card or someone adept at something. “Asexual” and “ace” sound phonetically similar at the beginning, and this is likely the cause of the decision-making behind the clipping and its spelling, though the word “asexual” is parsed differently. “Asexual” is a word that was created from Latin morphemes “a”, meaning “not”, and “sexual”. “Ace” can sometimes be compounded with “Aro”, usually separated by a slash, making “Aro/Ace”. “Aro” is a clipping of “aromantic”. “Aro/Ace” refers to a subset of the members of the asexual community that experiences neither physical nor romantic desires.
Source : “all my characters [can] be canonically ace” 11/6/2019 Context: Discussion with friend about portrayal of relationships in stories
Last modified: 19 December 2019