noun; folk etymology
accord, agreement The word takes on the connotation of being spoken by a redneck, for the speaker was a Mississippi native who used this phrase to imitate the Blue-Collar Comedy tour (a popular show of Southern comedians). The implication is that this word would be used by an uneducated person from the rural South. In this way, the word is a sort of shibboleth; someone who uses this word demonstrates they do not know the proper form, "agreement." The noun forming suffix –ANCE was chosen instead of the correct noun forming suffix –MENT. The word seemed to be spoken as accidental misspeaking. The speaker initially coined the word while trying to think of the noun form of the verb "AGREE." After that point, the word was perpetuated as a joke.
I just want to be sure that we’re all in agreeance.
Etymology : English agree (Latin ad, ‘to’ + gratus, ‘pleasing’) + Lat -ance, ‘the quality or the state of being’
Source : spoken by someone facilitating a lunch meeting
Last modified: 10 June 2008