verb; blending
Please Abeg is derived from the term “I beg” in the English language. As a result of blending the “I” due to dialect and an accent has been replaced by an “a” sound blended with the “beg.” It does not exactly translate to the meaning of “I beg” in English, as “I beg” is formal and signifies an urgent plea. In Nigerian English “abeg” is used very informally and frequently just as “please” is used in English. For example, one can say, “Abeg leave the girl alone so she doesn’t end up crying.” or “Abeg stop it before I slap you!”
“Abeg make we just go home, me I don’t want trouble.”
Etymology : Originates from the English language. Abeg means I beg.
Source : My cousin
Last modified: 10 June 2008