noun; folk etymology
A very rich or spoilt kid, a weakling. Ajebutter is an extremely popular term used by all Nigerians i.e. both adults and children in describing a spoilt kid or weakling. It has a negative connotation and the antonym is “ajepaki” meaning someone who is tough (not a weakling) maybe very wealthy but is not ignorant but well aware of Nigerian culture and the fact that not everyone is as wealthy as he or she is. Ajebutter was originally a term used to describe a certain kind of really expensive butter that the average Nigerian could not afford. People who would buy this kind of butter were regarded as “spoiled” and were referred to as ajebutter. Note that one does not have to purchase thus ajebutter to be considered an ajebutter. Anyone who seems rich and spoiled is referred to as an ajebutter.
: “The girl is such an ajebutter, can you believe she’s never tasted suya and insists on bringing her food to school. She’s refused to eat school food!”
Etymology : Aje butter was an expensive kind of butter that only rich people could afford. With time, due to blending it became one word ajebutter and is used to refer to a spoilt kid.
Source : Nigerian Movie Titled, “Osofia in London.”
Last modified: 10 June 2008