noun; derivation
An America Online subscriber; more recently, a person who fits the stereotype of an America Online subscriber (gullible, inexperienced, and happy that way). (‘Ignore that guy; he’s an AOLer.’) Interpretation of intended meaning: An AOLer is someone who uses America Online. Presumed reason for coinage: The word no doubt came about when an author needed to refer to an America Online member and no suitable noun existed in the language. The formation is simple: the addition of -er to the ubiquitous acronym AOL; -er here means ‘person or thing acting.' This word has been in the language for at least three years now, though it has found slightly broader use of late. AOLers are even more hated on the internet than are newbies (see entry below); whereas newbies are just clueless, AOLers are stupid, misguided, and clueless. The interesting thing about this word is that it has started to be used to describe the sort of people who fit the AOLer stereotype, even if they do not actually use AOL. Thus the word has become a general insult in some circles; it seems likely that some angry poster (one who posts, not the paper variety) needed a word for internet idiots outside AOL, and the existing term seemed appropriate.
'60 Signs that you are an AOLer'
Etymology : From modification of the acronym AOL (which itself means ‘America Online’) with -ER, ‘person doing’.
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Last modified: 10 June 2008