noun; blending
A group of individuals that are members of or affiliated with Agape Christian Ministries on Rice campus. [Blending of roots Agape-'spiritual love' + people-'humans as a group']
The user probably used this new word because he wanted a concise and memorable way of referring to Agape members with a single title instead of a phrase. This is somewhat advantageous in writing because its parts are combined in a single words and therefore less is required to be typed.
Etymology : This word was formed by blending the words Agape and people, taking advantage of the fact that "pe" is shared by both roots. "Agape" is from Greek meaning love or later specified as Christian or spiritual love. However, in this particular instance, Agape is referring to the name of a Christian ministry on campus. Also "people", meaning body of persons, is from Middle English "peple", Old French "pueple", or Latin "populus".
Source : "Hi Agapeople: I hope you have seen the posters, and pointed them out to your friends: Rice's own Michael Lindsay will be the speaker tonight." -Weekly email sent to people on the Agape listserve. 11/21/08
Last modified: 25 November 2008