noun; blending and clipping
One who wears only clothing from the Abercrombie clothing store and is viewed as lacking in unique personality or independent taste in style. ("I thought he wore Abercrombie all the time because he worked at the store, but it turns out that he’s just an a Apparent Meaning: One who only wears clothing from Abercrombie clothing store. The term describes individuals who are always seen wearing only brand name clothing from the clothing store Abercrombie. ABERCROMBIE is clipped to ABER and blended with the noun ZOMBIE, which refers to a dead body that has been brought back to life or a character whose actions seem completely automated and not well thought out. The resulting ABERZOMBIE describes one who wears exclusively Abercrombie clothing with no specific reason or motive. Possible Reason Used: The Abercrombie clothing line is becoming more and more popular, and more young people look to Abercrombie to make the latest fashion statement or to just follow the current trend. However, Abercrombie clothing is also viewed by many young people as severely overpriced, overrated, and the clothing of people with no unique personality. Thus, individuals who buy only Abercrombie clothes are viewed as being controlled by popular trends and lacking in unique social life characteristics in terms of clothing style. In this respect, such individuals are viewed as zombies, and the fact that they only wear Abercrombie clothes appropriately names them ABERZOMBIES.
That guy is a total aberzombie. I bet his whole closet is full of Abercrombie.
Etymology : clipping: ABERCROMBIE clothing company name clipped to ABER; blending: ABER blended with zombie to produce ABERZOMBIE; ZOMBIE from Caribbean French, English Creole from Kimbundu ‘zumbi’, ghost, departed spirit
Source : Rice student commenting on classmate’s clothing.
Last modified: 10 June 2008