axe shower

noun; compounding metaphor
the act of spraying cologne or body spray all over one's body as a replacement for a shower
The phrase 'axe shower' is usually used among college students who often do not have time to take showers before leaving their dormitories and instead soak themselves in body spray. It was originally used in the particular case of spraying one's self with Axe brand spray, but it has since widened to describe the same type of situation with any type of body spray. The phrase was derived through a metaphorical shift of the word 'shower', which is 'the act of cleaning one's self by standing under a nozzle that sprays water'. Through a semantic shift, though, 'shower' in 'axe shower' is used to refer to 'the act of removing odors by using a small container that sprays cologne'. One common usage of the phrase is in situations where one has a strong sweet odor radiating from himself/herself as if (s)he was drenched in body spray.
Etymology : formed by the compounding of axe [from the brand name Axe] with shower [from Old English scur 'short fall of rain' - from Proto-Indo-European *kew-(e)ro- 'north, north wind']
Source : What is that smell? Did you take another axe shower? (Friend, 11/10/2008)
Last modified: 30 November 2008