noun; blending overlap blending
members of the club Agape Christian Ministries at Rice University
Agapeople is a blending of Agape, referring to the club Agape Christian Ministries, and people, 'persons in general,' to mean the people that belongs to the club Agape or members of Agape. Agape itself is a clipping from Agape Christian Ministries, which was formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ (name change due to the negative connotations associated with the word crusade, meaning 'vigorous, aggressive movement for the defense or advancement of a cause'). It is used by the members and the friends of the members of Agape Christian Ministries at Rice University.
Etymology : Agapeople is a blending of Agape and people, with overlap in the pe in Agape and people. Agape 'Christian, unconditional love' comes from Greek agapan, 'greet with affection, love' in connection with the Lord's Supper by early Christians. People 'persons in general' comes from Old French peupel, which comes from Latin populus, meaning 'people,' of unknown origin.
Source : "Attention agapeople! We're about to start our large group meeting." (member of Agape, September, 2008)
Last modified: 1 December 2008