noun; blending
a person who assists another in keeping them responsible for their actions and to prevent them from doing certain things
The term is a blending of “accountability” and “buddy”. An accountabilibuddy is one who keeps another accountable in their actions. The relationship is usually mutual, in that the two people are accountability partners for each other. Accountability partners are often close in age and status. Further, such a relationship requires that the people be close. Thus, the more informal term “accountabilibuddy” is more suitable to convey the close friendship in addition to the aspect of accountability.
Etymology : Accountabilibuddy is a blending of accountabili(ty) and buddy. Accountablity is the noun form of the verb account, which comes from Latin through Old French. Count came into Middle English from the Old French word conter, meaning ‘to add up’, from Latin computare, meaning ‘to sum up’. Ac is a form of the Latin prefix ad-, meaning ‘to, toward, at, about’. The suffix -able from Latin is adjective forming, and the suffix -ity for Latin words is noun forming. The origin for the word buddy is not known. It was first used in American English around 1850. It is possibly meant to be a reduced form of brother. Buddy is a term for 'close friend'.
Source : “She’s my accountabilibuddy.” –Friend, October 2008
Last modified: 5 December 2008