adjective slang; analogy (verbally: clipping and compounding)
extremely cool (as in slang), great
The term is used as a new way to describe an object or situation as extremely cool, or literally a thousand times dope. The user did not see the word dope or cool as a sufficient description to use and therefore derived a neologism. "kdope" was coined by the sources family and since then has slowly spread to the Rice campus and other regions in the United States.

What is interesting about this term is that its written form and its vocalization can be considered to be derived by slightly different processes. The written form appears to be derived by analogy to words used for units of measurement, such as "km" and "kHz". In this way, if dope is a unit of measure for how cool an object or event is, then to describe it as being 1000 times that unit is to add the prefix k-. Verbally, this term is said by pronouncing the letter k (not the associated sound) and the word dope. Its derivation can be considered a clipping of the prefix "kilo-" and then compounded with the slang term "dope".
Etymology : Originating from the Greek "kilo-" meaning thousand and the American slang word "dope" meaning cool. However, "dope" may still be considered a neologism because it does not seem to be recorded in a dictionary even though it has been in usage for many years now.
Source : "Man that is kdope!" Roommate describing a video he saw online. (08/2008)
Last modified: 3 December 2008


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