noun; clipping
an Architecture student at Rice University. The term archi involves clipping from the word "architect" and is always used at Rice University when referring to any architecture student. I believe it was coined primarily for practical and time-saving reasons and because the shortening word gives it a more pleasant and less intimidating aspect to it. Although I have not heard the term archi used anywhere outside of Rice campus/Rice students' mouths, I am sure that it is heard throughout other universities as well. Archi has a highly positive connotation at least on Rice campus because it is descriptive of people who are highly creative and talented and who are among the most artistic in the nation (for Rice has such a good program, all of the Rice students respect the architects very much). The term archi is often heard coupled with exclamations of excitement such as Archi's are awesome or wow, you're an archi? They are known to be relaxed and to have a good time and definitely stand out among the rest of Rice students.
Archis are awesome because they are really laid back.
Etymology : archi. From Greek arkhitekton 'chief, master builder'.
Source : Mariela
Last modified: 10 June 2008