noun; clipping
Agape Christian Ministries, the Rice University chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ
Agape is a clipping from Agape Christian Ministries, which was formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ (name change due to the negative connotations associated with the word crusade, meaning 'vigorous, aggressive movement for the defense or advancement of a cause'). It is known as Agape Christian Ministries only on Rice University campus (outside of Rice, Campus Crusade for Christ still applies). It was possibly clipped because the entire name is too cumbersome to use in conversation, especially when used frequently. It was clipped to agape most likely because it is the central idea of the ministry. Agape means unconditional love or the Christian love in its original Greek and is the focus of Agape Christian Ministries.
Etymology : Agape is a clipping from Agape Christian Ministries. Agape 'Christian, unconditional love' comes from Greek agapan, 'greet with affection, love' in connection with the Lord's Supper by early Christians. Christian comes from Old english cristen, which is from Latin Christianus, which in turn is from Greek christianos, from Christos (Christ). It was first used in Antioch (according to the New Testament Book of Acts) to refer to the people who follow Christianity or "the religion of Christ." Ministry is from Latin ministerium 'office, service.' It refers to the function of a priest of outreach and service.
Source : "Come to agape with us this Friday! We have a special speaker." (friend, September 2008)
Last modified: 4 December 2008