noun; clipping
A student who focuses his/her studies on the non-science/engineering areas, such as English, History, Sociology, etc The term "academ" which describes a non-engineering/science student is the result of the clipping from Akademeia or academics. Although it seems as if it would be a compliment to be describes as an academ, the term has undergone a type of pejoration at least from the Science/Engineering students. To them, it has become a type of joke if an academ so much as complains about homework because to them the academic work does not compare with science and engineering problem sets. Although those people who fall under the academ category do not see the term as inherently offensive, the way in which others say it "Oh, silly academs..." has made it somewhat nifty in terms of its intentions. I believe the term was coined because someone wanted a word that encompassed all of the majors that were not science related in order to classify their type of work as being similar. Other than the word "academ" there is no other word that does this job as concisely in description.
Academs have it so much easier.
Etymology : academ. From Latin akademeia 'location where Plato taught school'
Source : Marcos
Last modified: 10 June 2008