real talk

compounding; interjection
an interjection used to express authenticity, used in place of "seriously"
The term is used following what the user has already said, to clarify that he or she is being serious. It is also used following what others have said to indicate that the user agrees with that has been said, as in "that is the truth".

Real is generally used to describe objects that have a verifiable existence, as opposed to imaginary. In real talk, "talk" is not what is being modified but rather the substance of what is being said. This is similar to the usage of real in the idiom "for real".
Etymology :
Real talk gained popularity as the title of hip hop artist Fabolous's third album released in 2004. It is a compound of real: from L realis 'actual' + talk: from M.E. tale 'story'.
Source :
"-Did you hear Jackie is pregnant?
(friend, September 2007)
Last modified: 5 December 2008


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