adjective; other word formation type melioration
extremely stylish, extravagant
The term is used as a compliment to describe someone who is stylish and seems like they are living a very glamorous lifestyle. It has lead to other variations of the term: floss, flossed-out, flossin', flossed-out.
Etymology :
The term gained popularity after artist Fergie's release of the track "Glamorous", in which she uses the word flossy to describe her glamorous lifestyle. The term originally meant superficially stylish, but because of the song many people believe it to simply mean glamorous, removing the negative connotation and turning it to a valued characterization.

Flossy was 1890s slang for 'fancy, frilly'.
Source :
"Let's go get flossed out and have some fun tonight" (friend, summer 2008).
Last modified: 5 December 2008


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