noun; blending
People staying at the Astrodome in Houston who are refugees from the areas in Louisiana affected by Hurricane Katrina. This word is formed from a blend of the words ‘Astrodome’ and ‘domestic.’ The first segment denotes the building where the people are being housed and the second segment shows that the people are living there. The speaker, a Rice student, probably heard this term spoken on TV or the radio when there was a lot of coverage and discussion about the population of people living in Houston’s Astrodome. It’s a humorous term that adds a funny aspect to a stressful subject.
We don’t call them refugees any more, they’re astrodomestics.
Etymology : Formed from the blending of the words ‘Astrodome,’ or the Houston building where the people are housed, and ‘domestics,’ which denotes that they live there.
Source : My teammate
Last modified: 10 June 2008