Created on Nov 28, 2013

1. Definition: a prefix that emphasize the word following it.
Word formation type: Other
Citation: this term used to be used on social networks. now people use it in oral languages too.
Citation date: Nov. 28, 2013
Source of citation: facebook 9/25/2013
Created on Nov 28, 2013

2. Definition: A prefix which emphasizes the word after it.
Word formation type: Zero derivation (or conversion)
Citation: The term was originally used by people on social media websites, and started as a sort of fad. It then became commonplace in everyday language. Everyone from students to celebrities have started incorporated the "hashtag" into common speech.
Citation date: Dec. 8, 2015
Source of citation: "#laundry #detergent" (said by a weird guy in my college, 11/30/15)
Explanation: The term originated when San Francisco tech companies started using it to describe their products, and slowly entered its way into the language.
Created on Dec 08, 2015